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What is it?

Scientix is the community for the teaching of Sciences in Europe. It is an initiative open to the participation of teachers, researchers, policy makers, local actors, parents and everyone else interested in scientific education.

The project was born to facilitate the constant dissemination and exchange of technical knowledge and practical examples in science teaching in the EU.

Scientix is funded by the European Commission through the 7th Framework Program and managed by the European Schoolnet Network (EUN). The Institute of Technology and Teacher Training (INTEF) acts as national contact point in Spain for this project.

Search, find out and participate

Scientix collects teaching materials and research reports from European projects. The project aims to create a participative community for its users by providing different online and offline services.

Which services does Scientix offer?

  • A collection of teaching resources for science classes, research reports and useful documents to develop education policies.
  • An on-demand service that facilitates the translation of the materials on Scientix website to any of the 23 EU official languages.
  • Training activities (workshops, conferences, online seminars, etc.).
  • A community to share experiences with other European colleagues in forums or chat rooms.
  • News and events in the area of science teaching, as well as a calendar of activities and training opportunities.
  • Electronic newsletter.

How to join Scientix?

The registration in the Scientix Community is very easy. The only requirement is signing-up in and you can start using its services immediately.

National Contact Point

The INTEF acts as national contact point for Scientix in Spain, appointed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. Within the framework of this project, several actions and events will be organized by the INTEF, to disseminate Scientix and to train teachers in the area of science education.



Calle de Torrelaguna, 58, 28027 Madrid



The Scientix Ambassadors are teachers whose aim is to promote and inform Scientix of other science teachers across Europe.

They present Scientix in educational centers, national teachers' associations, conferences and workshops, and advise other teachers on how to get involved in European STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) collaboration. They also help develop and test various Scientix tools and services to ensure their pedagogical quality.

If you wish to organize a Scientix presentation at your school, or as part of an event, you can contact the Scientix Ambassadors in Spain, whose contact details can be found by clicking here.

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