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Monitor Education and Training 2014

Monitor Education and Training 2014

The Education and Training Monitor is an annual series that reports on the evolution of education and training systems across Europe, bringing together the latest quantitative and qualitative data, recent technical reports and studies, plus policy documents and developments. While focused on empirical evidence, each section in the Monitor has clear policy messages for the Member States.

Education throughout an individual's life and one's learning mobility should be facilitated by better transparency and recognition of learning outcomes. Only by making learning outcomes of students and adults easily understood and quickly recognised can they be effectively used for employability or continued learning. However, the existing European tools and initiatives are not fully living up to their potential and awareness-raising remains a priority. At the same time, as PIAAC shows that education attainment levels do not correspond to the same level of learning outcomes across countries, there is a need to gain further understanding of the desired learning outcomes of individual qualifications and to achieve a common understanding of quality, transparent across countries.

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