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Interoperability levels

Three levels of interoperability are defined in accordance with established bases in the National Interoperability Framework (Esquema Nacional de Interoperabilidad ENI):

Interoperability levels

Organizational Interoperability

One of the tasks of the Office of Educational Interoperability will be to develop necessary procedures to monitor and publish the conditions of consumption of services, as well as the work of coordination and support to all agents that interact with the node.

For this, the INTEF has created a support to the implementation of the architecture to effectively manage the environment, focusing on the following controls:

  • Control roles in services, identifying the figures of transferor and requesting.
  • Make mechanisms of monitoring and supervision to ensure proper operation, both functional (control of business errors) and at technical level (response times, technical errors, retries, scalability, etc.).
  • Control the entire lifecycle of the service, since the need for a service detected until it is removed from production.

Semantic interoperability

To ensure proper communication between applications is necessary that all the systems use data structures.

Its main functions are:

  • Standardize the data used in the exchange.
  • Disseminate and communicate the semantics for all entities that have access to the dictionary coding.
  • Ensure compliance with the semantic list of all applications that interact with Node Interoperability.
  • Manage the publication and maintenance of semantic assets in the Electronic Government Portal (Portal de Administración electrónica.)

Technical interoperability

It focuses on identifying the standards used by each of the agents involved in IT systems partners. It will ensure compliance with the standards catalog Technical Standards for Interoperability. For this prepares and publishes the Technical Interoperability Guide, Best Practices Guide and Security Policy.