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Educational Interoperability Office.

The Educational Interoperability Office (Oficina de Interoperabilidad Educativa or OIED) was created with a view to promoting cooperation between the different administrations and joint efforts to achieve interoperability between computer systems of the education administration.

In order to get the widest possible dissemination and use of the services, the OIED will coordinate actions and communication between the different agents that could become involved in the interoperable system.

In the implementation of the Node's web services, structures and data schemes should be established as standards in order for all the agents involved to follow. This is what we call semantic assets; these will be published and released so they can be reused by those agents who will find them useful.

In this sense, we can talk about interoperability at semantic level, as explained in the 'Types of interoperability' section of this web site.

OIED functions, the scheme of operating with partners and detailed information on how to contact the Office are further detailed in the paragraphs of this section.


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