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Monitor Education and Training 2013

Monitor Education and Training 2013

Education and training are a source of future growth and employment and are becoming key success factors for the Europe 2020 Strategy. In times of budget constraints it comes as no surprise that the spotlight is on spending. Yet it is precisely in such times that growth-enhancing policies, such as education, should be a top priority: spending on education is an investment, not a cost. As many EU Member States are forced to cut back, the need to scrutinise the effectiveness and efficiency of our education and training systems becomes all the more relevant as we endeavour to do more with less. The wealth of data provided by this Education and Training Monitor supports Member States in this effort. It enables countries to compare investments in education and training systems against their outcomes and identifies ways of maximising efficiency. It particularly enables countries to assess their performance compared to other countries, regarding the specific recommendations they received during the last European Semester. The EU level benchmarks set for 2020 provide standards for comparison, encouraging the exchange of information and stimulating peer learning. Cross-country policy research serves to demonstrate how each Member State performs on the basis of the ET 2020 benchmarks and, more importantly, strives to bring to light the most successful policy measures within education and training across Europe. This year's Monitor is published on the eve of the launch of a new 7-year programme supporting Europe's cooperation in education, training, youth and sports. Erasmus+ demonstrates the EU's commitment to education. Compared to its predecessor, the budget of the new programme will increase by approximately 40%, to more than €14 billion over the 2014-2020 period. This publication also comes at the point when Member States and the Commission are discussing the European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020. The Commission's task will be to make sure that these funds have real impact on education and training systems in Europe. This will only happen if countries design a strategy for education with clear, concrete and measureable targets; milestones for each education level and age-group; and time-frames for implementation, with tools for monitoring progress. I believe that the Education and Training Monitor 2013 is a tool that will prove invaluable in facilitating decision-makers across Europe to reform their education systems, guaranteeing highquality and equitable education and training for all our citizens.

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