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Teachers Digital Competence

Computer use

Training in competences is a curricular imperative that in the case of digital competence has so far had a specification underdeveloped and diverse in their descriptors because there is no a common reference framework. Developing digital competence in the education system requires that teachers have the necessary training in that competence. The 'Common framework of Teachers Digital Competence' is standardised proposal which specifies the digital competence through of 21 – sub-competences organized in three levels and five competence areas. (information, communication, content creation, problem solving.). The initial draft is a translation and adaptation to teaching profession of the framework proposed by IPTS (European Commision) for any European citizen in relation to Digital Agenda 2020.

The initial draft was submitted to debate and validation of representatives of Autonomous Communities, experts and educational agent in a conference organised in Valladolid on 18th February. Likewise, it collected proposals for possible uses of uses of common framework meanwhile formative processes, evaluation and certification.