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Digitally Competent Educational Organizations

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The European Framework for Digitally Competent Educational Organizations (DigCompOrg) was published by the JRC IPTS in December 2015. Its purpose is to provide support to educational organizations to proceed to their digitization in a systematic and strategic way and so that those responsible for developing policies can design, implement and evaluate policy interventions for integration and effective use of digital learning technologies in Education and Training. It is the first pan-European reference framework to improve the digital competence of educational institutions.

The main objectives of the DigCompOrg framework are: to encourage self-reflection and self-evaluation within educational organizations as they progressively strengthen their commitment to digital learning and teaching, and to allow policymakers to design, implement and evaluate policies for integration and effective use of digital technologies in learning.

On 24 May 2016, a Conference on Digitally Competent Educational Organizations was held at the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training, aimed at those in charge of designing and implementing educational policies at all levels, heads of schools and representatives from groups of interest in the education sector, and whose purpose was to present the framework and give visibility to the actions that international organizations and educational administrations are implementing to achieve the objectives of the DigCompOrg framework, as well as the view of some representatives from business and education sectors about this goal.

From the left navigation menu on this page you can access the calendar, summary and  vídeos and presentations sections of the conference, as well as other content associated with the goals of the DigCompOrg framework

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