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Educational Interoperability Node

The Educational Interoperability Node is a technology platform designed to provide web services which could be used by public administrations in the field of education or by external authorised entities.

Its objectives are:

  • To interconnect the platforms of the different educational administrations with the purpose of exchanging data.
  • To ensure the use of standards and to secure both the message exchanged and the communication channel used by the transferor and the transferee.
  • To facilitate the educational agents' access to information.

Currently the node has the following services operating and ready to use:

  • State Register of Non-university Educational Centres (Registro Estatal de Centros Docentes no universitarios) enquiry service.
  • Student Digital Records service.
  • State Student Identifier service.
  • Intermediary data service using the Punto Neutro de Recursos Digitales de Pago (Neutral Point of Commercial Digital Resources).

Further details on each of the services can be found in the corresponding sections of this web site.

The following diagram shows the possible interactions of the implemented services and agents who would use the Node platform:

Educational Interoperability Node